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Josh Pierce CD-SV, MC,WC,RIT


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Jul 12, 2023
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Hello All, my name is Josh Pierce from Iowa City, IA and I operate Carousel Auto Appearance. I have been in the Detail Industry for 2 decades and it has been an amazing ride this far. I am a member of the International Detailing Association with the designations of CD-SV, MC,WC,RIT and serve on the Trade Show & Education Committee. I am also a member of the Detail Mafia and serve on the Education Committee for that group as well. I am an industry trainer and have a huge passion for mentoring and helping other detailers. I have had the incredible honor of doing projects for Jay Leno, Ashton Kutcher and several other high profile celebrities as well as have had multiple vehicles featured at SEMA, Barrett Jackson, as well as multiple museums across the country. I have also had the immense privilege of being selected to the Detail Team that preps some of the coolest vehicles on the planet for The Motorlux Event and The Quail a motorsports gathering during the famed Monterey Car Week. I am always here for anyone that may need some help, advise or just to chat don’t hesitate to reach out