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  1. Debra Gorgos

    Mobile Tech Expo

    Great photo!!
  2. Debra Gorgos

    Mobile Tech Expo

    Who else is here?
  3. Debra Gorgos

    Question: time off for the holidays?

    How much time do you take off for the holidays? <iframe src="" width="480" height="274" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p>
  4. Debra Gorgos

    Veteran, I guess.

    I have been writing about detailing since 2007, so I think I am a veteran, too? :)
  5. Debra Gorgos


    This is fantastic! Thank you.
  6. Debra Gorgos

    Josh Pierce CD-SV, MC,WC,RIT

  7. Debra Gorgos

    Where do you find….

    Where do you find your employees?
  8. Debra Gorgos

    Glad to be here!

    So nice to "meet" you!
  9. Debra Gorgos

    Summer is here! Looking for marine detailers....

    Are you a marine detailer? Are lake boats easier than ocean boats or vice versa? Looking for information for a story....
  10. Debra Gorgos

    Complete Re-dye

    Wow! What steps did you take to clean this? Also, do you know what the stain was from?
  11. Debra Gorgos


    Hello! My name is Debra Gorgos and I am the editor of Auto Detailing News— a magazine dedicated to profession auto (and marine) detailers. I love to hear from detailers! Give me your stories, and story ideas. Did you always want to be a detailed? Did you have a mentor? What is the worst vehicle...